Tandoori Zoodles w. Curried Turkey Balls

I have grown to really enjoy Zoodles (zucchini noodles). Top with your sauce of choice, they’re delicious and do not taste like zucchini at all!

Side Note: Zoodles are a great low carb, and overall healthier, alternative to regular pasta, but do not be caught off guard… If you are expecting this to taste and feel like regular pasta, it doesn’t. Topped with sauce however, they do the trick! If you don’t mind spending a bit more, Capello’s has a great almond flour pasta alternative.

I shred a bunch of zucchini at once and store in the fridge and then use them whenever I want! They’ve lasted me a good 1-2 weeks in an airtight mason jar.

How I prep my Zoodles:

  1. Wash zucchini thoroughly (you can skip if you are going to peel them).
  2. Spiralize zucchini (I recommend this Spiralizer).
  3. Place zoodles in a bowl and coat evenly with a lot of salt.
    • Let sit for 15-30 minutes. This drains the liquid from the zucchini and will give you a much better texture when cooking.
  4. Rinse the zoodles thoroughly (make sure you get as much of the salt off as possible).
  5. Dry zoodles (I like to use my Nut Milk Bag for this – but really patting dry works too).
  6. Chop a bit so they’re not in super long strands.
  7. Store in a container and place in fridge.

There you have it! Then, for this recipe…

  1. Heat up 1tsp of oil (I use Avocado Oil) in a pan over medium heat.
  2. Grab amount of zoodles you want and add to hot oil.
  3. Add Tandoori Sauce to zoodles and swirl around to coat evenly.
  4. Cook zoodles for approximately 7-10 minutes.
  5. Serve with Curried Turkey Balls!

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