Tip: Serving Size Series (1)

So, this is a topic I have been wanting to touch on for a while. It’s pretty complex, so I’ll most likely spread it out within a couple of posts.It’s about paying attention to serving sizes and not being mislead. After all, everything in moderation.

Take, for example, one of my favorite granolas: Purely Elizabeth

  • I love their probiotic blends and their grain-free blends. So delicious and a much healthier choice than other granolas out there. Gluten-Free. Vegan. Non-GMO. Sweetened with coconut sugar (a low-glycemic, unrefined sweetener) and some maple syrup and baked with coconut oil.

One serving = 130 calories / 6g fat / 15g carb / 2g fiber / 5g sugar / 3 protein

They’re a nice little treat. Little.

Think of the last time you served yourself a bowl of cereal or went to a restaurant and got some yogurt and granola off the menu. Once I started learning about how big a serving size of cereal, oatmeal, granola, etc., actually looked like I began to rethink the way I ate out (don’t even like me get started about restaurant pasta dishes)!

To put things in perspective, because if I don’t I will find myself a half bag deep, I took my favorite granola and portioned it out into serving sizes (pictured). This is definitely not what I was serving myself before. Each of these little bags is one serving, and I got about 7 (not 8).

I got my little scale on Amazon for about $14 and I use it a ton.

You don’t need a scale to do this though! So please don’t get discouraged! If you’re trying to measure out serving sizes, a good general rule is to just divide the entire container into however many servings it says it provides. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at visualizing when you’re out eating how many servings your plate actually provides. In many cases, you’ll leave with a great lunch for the next day.


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