What Your Food Cravings Are Trying to Tell You by Nutrition Stripped

I love this article. Beautifully explained by one of my favorite blogs!

Do you find yourself craving:

  • Healthy Fats like Avocados, Nuts, Seeds, Butter, Coconut Milk, etc.?
  • Salty Foods like Chips, Popcorn, etc.?
  • Sugary Foods like Cakes, Brownies, Fruit, Honey, Candy, etc.?
  • Carbs like Pasta, Bread, Crackers, etc.?
  • Meat/Animal Protein?

Cravings are often merely indicators of what your body is lacking… It’s a great concept to keep in mind the next time you find yourself reaching for a chip or cupcake. Do you actually want a cupcake or chips?

Well, yes, sometimes… I really do, or do I?

Click Here to learn more!


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