Restaurant Review: Cocoron

Cocoron (61 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002)

Rating: ***** (5) Stars


  • Quick Service
  • Good Portion Sizes
  • Delicious Food
  • Pretty Friendly Service


  • Cash Only
  • Small Venue
  • No AC (they have a fan)

To begin, I went here on a Thursday night before Labor Day weekend with a girlfriend of mine and was rather seated quickly. I was able to make a reservation the day of, but apparently that’s usually not the case so I would recommend calling ahead of time because the place is small.

We both ordered the same thing: Stamina Dip Soba – Regular Size ($10.00) with a side of Hijiki ($3.00) Everything was delicious! The portions were perfect. I left feeling very satisfied.

I absolutely loved the presentation. The noodles are cold, but the broth comes with a candle underneath to keep it hot, and it stays hot! You’re supposed to grab some noodles, dip for 5-10 seconds, and slurp! The experience in itself makes the food that much more delightful. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your food getting cold quickly.

They also took the time to make the menu look like a story book. The first page is a cute little comic about soba! For the sides, I found it very thoughtful that they listed some of the benefits of each. For example, Hijiki is known for aiding in digestion.

I will definitely be going back and would highly recommend if you like meals like Ramen and Pho – or just good food.

Click here to see my review on Yelp.


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