Restaurant Review: Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack’s Wife Freda (224 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012)

Rating: **** (4) Stars


  • Open to substitutions for allergies
  • Juices have no added sugar
  • Friendly staff


  • Long wait time

I was very excited to finally visit Jack’s Wife Freda after hearing so many things about it and seeing so many people post trendy pictures of it on Instagram. It’s a little hyped, but definitely worth going once!

The place in itself was exactly what I expected. It looks like it does in photographs: modern, colorful, open, airy, causal, trendy, friendly, a bit hipster. The line was as long as I anticipated as well. 12:00pm on a lovely Saturday = 2hr wait. Luckily, we put our name on the list and walked around, came back after 45min and the waitress let us sit as many other people didn’t show up. Score! They don’t take reservations for groups under 6 people.

The service was very friendly. Our waiter was a tall slender man with an accent, very nice guy! We immediately ordered and I’d say the food came in about 20min. Perfect. It was a little loud, but I could still hold a conversation with my friend, so we didn’t mind at all.

I ordered the Mediterranean Breakfast (hold the pita and labne as I am currently on the Whole30 – the place is very Paleo friendly) with Cantaloupe Juice. The eggs were perfectly poached, the chopped salad was perfectly portioned with added mint and they gave me about 1/4 a perfectly ripe avocado. My friend got the Green Shakshuka with Watermelon Juice and we split their House Cured Duck Bacon. The saltiness of the bacon definitely added a good contrast flavor to my plate. Orders came exactly the way we asked for them and their juices are 100% pure fruit – no sugar added! They were refreshing, I liked the Cantaloupe more than the Watermelon. The food was delicious, nothing spectacular, but good nonetheless. The bacon tasted, well, like ordinary bacon if you ask me.

The experience was delightful. If the lines weren’t so long, I would probably come more often, but it is what it is! Overall, I would recommend for anyone who wants a healthy, trendy option for brunch (as we all know brunch can be a little heavy). Enjoy!

Click here to see my review on Yelp.


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